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Machiel Tesser

Machiel sees blockchain technology as a pivotal element in process optimization through innovation, shaping the new digital economy – the economy of things.. The “Economy of Things is an ecosystem of connected devices or agents that can interact and communicate with each other, trade and transact autonomously in a decentralized environment.” The three pivotal technologies that drive the engine of this new movement are IoT, AI and Blockchain.
This movement of innovation necessitates a holistic approach to process design challenges, what Machiel refers to as lean system thinking. Through lean system thinking, we discover how to reorganize value streams within a network of participants. The traditional company-centric model is no longer the focal point for improvement. The objective is to construct thriving and enduring ecosystems with an emphasis on valuable interactions. Similar to how the internet revolutionized information interactions, blockchain is poised to bring about a comparable transformation in value streams.”


Fontys University of Applied Science, aug 2023

System thinking design workshop (STEEP principles)
At the Fontys University of Applied Science

Dutch Blockchain Days, June 14 2023

Workshop “Solving the problem of not having a problem”:
Workshop description and explanation

International Lean Six Sigma & Innovation Conference 2023

Speaker at the international Lean event in Bucharest, Romania, March 2023. https://ilssi.org/ilssi-conference-2023-romania/

Rethinking the system with Blockchain, June 16 2022

Dutch Blockchain Days (intro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h35uuEGMt3Q&t=0s

Lean Systems using Blockchain, June 2022

Blockchain has the potential to enhance supply chain resilience and sustainability, thereby improving product quality, reducing lead times, promoting climate action, and elevating social standards.
Youtube: https://youtu.be/fIpXMVO2S8E

Teamlid and initiator of the system innovation A'dam hub, january 2021

The Si Network is an online platform connecting people around the world to learn and apply the ideas and methods of systems innovation towards addressing complex challenges.

Speaker on the international lean event in Cambridge, january 2021

Speaker on the international DN Business Excellence Awards, november 2020


Interview with Raoul Esseboom from Cryptotakkies

Machiel Tesser explains how change management principles intersect with blockchain technology.

Winner Odyssey hackathon 2019


Teacher and developer for the NCOI. Lecturer for the modules “blockchain for the government” and “control over processes”

Owner and developer of the Blockchain for Lean program. A program for lean leaders where lean systems thinking is explained