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Lean-system thinking and design thinking

“All we are doing is looking at the timeline from the moment a customer gives us an order to the point we collect the cash. And we are reducing that timeline in the value stream by removing non value-added wastes.”

– Taiichi Ohno

Start with why?

“Blockchain is a matter of process design. Anyone can grasp the organizational concept and, from there, envision changes in products, services, and processes. An IT background is not required.

Where the internet brought new possibilities for organizing information flows, blockchain does this for value streams. Given that the lean philosophy is about organizing value streams, blockchain is a must-know for every process improver!

Once you comprehend the concept, you will also discern changes in organizational structures, revenue models, reward methods, and new opportunities for continuous improvement through the integration of direct feedback loops.”

Who is it interesting for?

The Blockchain for Lean training is mainly intended for Lean consultants, business consultants, managers and entrepreneurs, and more specifically: Anyone who is or will be working on optimizing business processes. Anyone who wants to understand what changes it will bring. Anyone who wants to learn the practical basics of the Blockchain concept. We also do gamifications, system design workshops and presentations.

STEEP dive


  • Unlock the power of Blockchain for seamless change management!
  • Discover why Blockchain is a game-changing as a new Lean toolbox for driving transformation.
  • You’ll effortlessly grasp the concept and visualize the impact it brings.
  • Recognize how it influences established organizational structures, revenue models, incentives and processes.
  • Learn when to leverage Blockchain for optimal results, while understanding the pros and cons inside out.
  • Gain invaluable insights into sector-specific opportunities and potential threats.
  • Inspire others with real-world applications and examples.
  • Equipped with the Blockchain Lean Toolbox provided to all participants, you become the perfect ally in navigating change processes. Embrace the future with confidence!”